DHZ Lat and Pulley Machine E3085

Rp32,370,000 Rp49,800,000


  • The professional trainer is made of a heavy-duty rectangular rounded profile 100 x 50 x 2.5 mm with high-quality two-layer powder coating technology.
  • Frame color: Black-metallic
  • Anti-slip rubber-plastic supports provide stability and safety, prevent damage to the floor surface of the hall.
  • The ends of the profile are closed with plastic plugs with clamps.
  • All rolling and rolling units use high quality duralumin housing bearing units.
  • Metal protection of the weight stack on both sides, with an opening edged with rubberized plastic for safe selection of the load.
  • Metal bottle holder.
  • Visual instructions for performing exercises.
  • Guides for the weight stack are made of stainless steel tube with a diameter of 20 mm
  • Weight Stack: Powder coated metal plates. Caprolon inserts in the plates for smooth sliding along the guides.
  • The weight is changed by rearranging the adjusting pin with a metal head (lock). The weight block fixator is fixed on a flexible elastic cord.
  • Balance levers neutralize starting load
  • To propel the loads, a 5.8 mm PVC-sheathed steel cable is used.
  • Laser marking of height and length levels, printed on the profile.
  • The bright semi-automatic lever adjustment lock is light and easy to use, adjustable in 5 positions.
  • The seat and bolsters are made of PU foam, upholstered in artificial leather.
  • Upholstery color: Black (other colors are optional).
  • The traction neck is made of metal with a rubber coating and decorative plugs – tips fixed with a bolt. (removable).
  • Manufacturer: DHZ Fitness
  • European certificate of quality and industrial safety TUV, tests are carried out with a five-fold load of 100,000 repetition cycles with a maximum weight of the stack, while at the end of the tests the wear of the equipment must not exceed 80%.
Dimensions (L x W x H): 2170 x 1000 x 2300 mm
Standard stack weight: 110 kg
The weight: 220 kg
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