Jones Light Commercial Smith Machine Bodycraft

Rp49,920,000 Rp76,800,000

Safety & Productively

  • Hook move along during your exercise, and could be reracked with a simple twist, in turn will help you to focus on working out, thereby ensuring that your workout itself is more efficient and productive.
  • A spotter is there to help ensure that you don’t get crushed or pinned under the bar, if the weight is too heavy or if your grip fails. The dual protection is considered to reduce risk of injury.

Full-Body Workout & Great for Muscle Building

  • Various exercise could be applied on Smith Machine, bench press for your chest, military press for your shoulders, bent over row for your back, squat for your legs, close-grip bench press for your triceps, and drag curl for your biceps.
  • Smith machines therefore, are not only very welcome additions to commercial gyms, they’re perfect additions to home gyms as well, particularly for people who don’t happen to have a great deal of space. Smith machines are designed in such a way as they actually help to balance out the weight for the user. With the support of rod aside, you can overload the bar and focus on pushing some heavy weight in a safe and controlled environment.

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